The Sun & the Shadow : A photo contest

We’re starting a new photo contest for the month of August, “The sun & the Shadow” a photography contest to capture the sun, a shadow or both in q unique way! You can capture a sunset, a sunrise, a hot day, shadows or elements around you affected by the sun and shadow . Capture this in a frame and get a chance to win 5k worth of coupons from us.

All you have to do is click “The sun & shadow” on the top of the top of your home page on the Indiefact app, select “Contribute” and add your entry as a post to the contest super thread.

Judging and rewards criterion

We are introducing a judging criteron in order to decide rewards. Based on feedback from you we have decided to make contests not purely a popularity contest. Going forward the top performing posts will go through an internal review to decide the winner. The highest performing posts will be reviewed further internally for accuracy, grammatical errors , story telling, grasp of language and other criteria and the winner be announced based on these criterion.

For this, we will select the top posts first. These top posts will then go through an internal review with a judge who is an expert in the related field. The reward will then be given to that post/story as decided by the judge. For more information on judging criteria please look at our recent blog post here: Introducing a judging criteria for contests


How it works

  1. Select “The sun & shadow” on the home page of your Indiefact app
  2. To enter the contest just post your photo/post by “Contributing to conversation” on this post.
  3. The contest starts 11th September ends at 15th October at 6:00 PM.
  4. We will reach out to you via your email id and transfer the coupon to the same email id. So your email ID has to be verified and accurate.
  5. Photos and posts need to follow Indiefact spam policy and guidelines.

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