Introducing a judging criterion for contests

Based on the feedback we have gotten from users for the previous contests we are introducing a judging criterion for contests. What does that mean? In short, we are moving away from making contests a purely a popularity contest, and moving towards rewarding creativity. To this end, we are starting of with an internal review with a judging round.

How does this work?

Now, the best post will be decided in two rounds. In the first round, we will select the top 5 performing posts.The top performing posts are decided based on engagement, upvotes, comments, creativity, views etc. These top 5 posts will be shortlisted for the next round which is the internal review/judging round.

For the judging round, we will work with judge who is an expert in the concerned field, who will review the top 5 posts based on specific criterion to decide the “best post”. At the end of these two rounds the winner will be announced.

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