“The Creators” program.

Indiefact has a vision to empower content creators and readers, and to be a meaningful platform for the discovery and exchange of information. Our ultimate goal is for users to be able to monetise their content, depending on the value they are adding to the platform. To achieve that end, and to help content creators along the way, Indiefact is launching a pilot program called “The Creators”.

The creators program is a way for content creators to quickly monetise their content on Indiefact in a small way. We are offering this opportunity only to a select few individuals for a period of two months. You can find more information about the program here, with the following rules & guidelines. Anyone who is interested only needs to fill out a simple google form here and we will revert back to you within a few days.

Why are we doing this?

While we want to help content creators in the short term through this program, we want to achieve a more permanent, long term, scalable solution to motivation on the Indiefact platform. This pilot with a few content creators will help us answer questions and test some of the hypothesis we have made, in order to build this system. We hope to find some answers through this pilot, along with some valuable feedback from our creators.

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