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Open source approach to news & information

Signup, contribute & collaborate. Use our tools to have productive conversations to discuss, validate information, record information and to get opinions.

Validate Information

Use our tools of fact-checking and labeling to validate any post, media, or online source of information.
– Tools of fact checking and labelling
– Validate any post
– Validate any online source of information


Track your contributions to our gamified system. Level up as you contribute and gain more XP and be seen as a valuable source of information.
– Earn XP for contributions
– Level up as you contribute
– Be seen as a valuable source of information

Get information. Not followers.

Our proprietary content delivery system delivers content to users without the need for following one another.
– Proprietary content delivery system
– No effort needed to acquire followers
– Get out of that information bubble you are in!

A equal voice

Traditional social networks favor influencers and public figures. In Indiefact the user’s social identity does not matter, what they contribute does.

Frequently asked questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

1. What is Indiefact?

Indiefact is a collaborative microblogging platform. We make it easy for people to have productive conversations through collaboration. Our platform allows users to create and combine posts to make curated blogs/threads that can be shared all over the internet.

2. Is Indiefact a social network?

Yes and no. We are an A-Social network. The user’s social identity does not matter, what they contribute to the network does. We have minimal placeholders for any social information for a user and we do not have a way for users to follow each other. This way we prevent famous people and influencers from acquiring a large influence on the network and provide everyone a more or less an equal voice.

3. What is open source approach to news & information?

This is based on a concept called open sourceJournalism

We apply this concept broadly to give our users a platform that enables them to collaborate on any piece of information  and to have productive conversations around them.

4. Can I use Indiefact to validate information?

We have a community-based approach to validating information. We provide our users’ features to create a post/repost as a fact check, fake news, recommendation, news, etc for any existing post, online source or media. Additionally, like a forum, we provide users the ability to upvote and downvote on posts. We use the user’s contributions to analyze the sentiments to understand how a particular piece of information is being viewed in our network and give users this data so that they can use it to be better informed.

5. What can I upload as a post?

You can upload text, a media file or any online source with a link as a post on our platform. This way you can not only share but also validate any existing online source of information including news sites, blogs, twitter posts, etc.

6. What do I need to sign up?

Just an email id and password combination. Nothing else!

7. How do I get access to the app?

Just go to the app stores and download it. We are available on iOS & Android.

8. We are Gamified!

A user is assigned a spirit animal when they signup. Users earn XP for any action performed on the network and they can level up based on the number of points earned. Every other user can see a particular user’s contribution to the network to see how valuable and accurate they are a source of information.


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