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Gain XP, credibility and become a valuable source of information
based on your interests.

Play the content game

We've added a game loop to content creation. Whenever you create content and engage others, you gain xp and move closer to becoming a trusted voice on the platform.

No Followers!

Don’t worry about acquiring followers. The content you create will be broadcasted to people with similar interests. The more engagement you get, the more distribution you get for your content. It’s that simple!


Unlike other apps, we allow users to collaborate with each other. Create long-form threads starting with your post. Curate your threads by choosing which contributions are a part of your conversation.


Join one of our many communities to talk about hyper-focused topics. Didn’t find a community for your interests? Simply create one and invite others on the platform to join!


Take part in our monthly photo and writing contests and earn real rewards. The contests on indiefact are a perfect way to put yourself out there and showcase your photography or writing skills.

Frequently asked questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

1. What is Indiefact?

Indiefact is a gamified microblogging platform. Along with most features of a microblogging app, we’ve added a game loop to content creation. As you contribute, you gain xp, credibility and become a valuable source of information based on your interests.  We use this as a barometer for content propagation, rather than traditional platforms which also rely on followers.

3. How is Indiefact different from other apps?

Indiefact eliminates the initial bias a platform gives to “public figures”. When such a user joins any traditional social network, content propagation heavily weighs in their favour due to follower count. This does a disservice to normal people, whose voice cannot be heard, no matter the quality of their ideas.On Indiefact, everyone starts at the same level (Level 1) and how your content is propagated depends purely on how engaging you are.

2. Is Indiefact a social network?

No. We are an A-Social network. The user’s social identity does not matter, what they contribute to the network does. We have minimal placeholders for any social information for a user and we do not have a way for users to follow each other. This way we prevent famous people and influencers from acquiring a large influence on the network and provide everyone a more or less an equal voice.

4. Can I use Indiefact to validate information?

We have a community-based approach to validating information. We provide our users’ features to create a post/repost as a fact check, fake news, recommendation, news, etc for any existing post, online source or media. Additionally, like a forum, we provide users the ability to upvote and downvote on posts. We use the user’s contributions to analyze the sentiments to understand how a particular piece of information is being viewed in our network and give users this data so that they can use it to be better informed.

5. What can I upload as a post?

You can upload text, a image file or any online source with a link as a post on our platform. This way you can not only share but also validate any existing online source of information including news sites, blogs, twitter posts, etc. We do not support videos, our vision is to be primarily about information exchange and not an entertainment platform.

6. What do I need to sign up?

Just an email id and password combination. Nothing else!

7. How do I get access to the app?

Just click the link here! We are available on iOS & Android.