Whats next?

Since the launch of Indiefact, we are working on improvements to the experience and the tech stack underneath. At the same time we are listening to the feedback from you, the users to give us an idea of how to improve our platform.

Having had an opportunity to listen to some of your feedback, we have to decided to focus on a few line items in the short term. Our product road map for immediate future includes the following:

Short term road-map

1. Profile & Bio : Feature additions to user profile including addition of bio and introduction of “user qualities”. We are adding features to your bio so that you can talk about yourself and your interests. At the same time we are introducing exciting new features on your profile that will help you and other users understand what your “qualities” are on the platform.

2. Feeds & Discovery : Improving the feed experience for user and community discovery. We are always improving your feed, to make discovering, content, users and communities a breeze! We have some improvements slated to the way the feed is designed especially when it comes to discoverability of new communities.

3. Topics : Addition of topics and topic discoverability. We are always expanding our topic base based on your interests. We conduct a topic poll once in a while so that we can understand what topics interest you. You can add your preference to the topic poll thread on @indiecircle.

4. Image Viewing Improvements : We are redoing the way images are shown on our app. We are making it easy for you to see and browse through images on your feed. We will be putting out guidelines on the best practices while uploading images to Indiefact.

If you have any suggestions, please join @indiecircle on the app and let us know your pain points, feature requests etc. We would love to hear from you and we take your opinion very seriously!


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