With great power comes great responsibilities…hence, we have community guidelines. These guidelines we believe will help create a safe and supportive space for all our users to thrive.


The goal is information. Avoid name calling & ad hominem attacks Debates and vigorous disagreements are encouraged but they can be done without resorting to insults or getting personal. Keep the conversation on point.


Do not post spam: This includes promotions, marketing a product or a service Content determined to be flagged as spam will be removed.


Do not post content that calls for or organizes violence, Content determined to be flagged as violent will be removed.


Do not post content that has porn, nudity, or very graphic content Content determined to be flagged as obscene will be removed.


This defines the owner of a community. The user who creates the community is the owner of the community.

Access Public

Access defines how you can gain access to a community. This is a public community, anyone can join.

Entry Challenge None

Some communities require an insite mechanism or a digit code for you to enter. This community is public and has no entry challenge Just click join!

Collaboration Allowed

Collaboration defines if a community allows users to co-create threads. This community allows collaboration and users can create threads together.

Post Labels All

Post labels can be attached to posts based on the intent of the post. We support three types of post labels. Use info, to give out Information. Use Counter, to provide a counter narrative to an existing post. Use Opinion, to give out your opinion. These labels help other users understand the intel behind posts and our system to propogate information. This community supports all three post labels.